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Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Institute of Technology , a premier Institute in Mumbai is firmly rooted and has been verdantly bloomed.It adopts an interactive approach in teaching which enhances creative thinking analytical findings and effective communicative skills. Keeping at pace with globalization and resurgence of an open economy, the Institute tries to equip the students with information and training in entrepreneurship skills and communication. We take pride in being a cohesive group who shares the fundamental aims the staff specializes in excellence and high standard achievers.
Our Mission

  • To cater to multiple abilities & intelligence present in learners for realization of their true potential and individual needs of developments.
  • To instill among the students a sense of responsibilities to participate in citizenship duties and strive towards common welfare.
  • To nurture overall development of the students through enrichment and quality education.
  • To promote involvement of students with community outside the college and other social concerns through community service program.
  • Our Vision

    St. Wilfred’s is a conscious and thoughtful response to a critical need for excellent and relevant education in a traditional, innovative and creative frame work.
    We take pride in being a cohesive group who shares the fundamental aims where the staff specializes in excellence and high standards of achievements.
    Principal Massage

    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatama Gandhi.

    I congratulate all the students, teachers' staff members and parents for being a part of this stupendous journey.
    I feel it a matter of honour to be appointed as the Principal of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Institute of Technology. I also feel it be a matter of honour to have a team of highly qualified, well experienced & genius faculty members who have joined my team to bring up this institute to a level of excellence. We also feel proud to receive an excellent response from the student community who has shown keen interest in joining our institute. We as a team are committed to provide research oriented harmonious environment where everyone can grow.
    In today’s competitive world, one can get success only through dedication to the cause and continuous hard work. I will feel myself successful only if I make CSMIT to be counted as a preferred destination of the student’s community on the global level. This will be achieved through sincere and dedicated effort by our team consisting of Institute’s Management, our faculty members, our students and myself.

    All the best!