Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) of Science & Humanities Department

PEO-1: The learner will able to apply the concept of complex number, Numerical methods
from Mathematical sciences for solving engineering problems .
PEO–2: The learner will develop scientific temperament for scientific observations,
recording, and inference drawing essential for technology studies through Physical sciences..
PEO-3: The learner will be able to apply the core knowledge of chemical reactions to
practical purpose for solving the issues related to water Treatment, Corrosion and Fuel
consumption in Chemical science.
PEO-4: Learner will gain the thorough knowledge of C programming language
To provide the thorough knowledge of Mathematical science, Chemical Science, Physical
Science and Human values by using various tools, laboratories techniques so that learner
could apply the scientific concept for technical application
To improve the Professional communication skill
To develop the creativity, cultural and artistic attitude of learner

HOD Message

Dr. Shweta Umale

Applied sciences is the base of technology. Applied sciences form the strong foundation for
understanding the technical subjects. The knowledge of basic science will help the learner to
understand the practical application of technology. Department of applied sciences and
Humanities offer the various courses in Mathematical science, Chemical science, Physical
science and Communication skill. Department has well equipped laboratories and highly
qualified staff to nurture the students in all aspects. Department is highly engaged in
conducting various seminars and workshops on Human values. Following are the
laboratories where student gain the practical knowledge

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO) of Science & Humanities Department

Labs in Department of Science & Humanities