Parameters of Discipline



(Within or Outside Campus)

All students (boys and girls) residents of hostels as well as day scholars are directed to ensure that they maintain full decorum discipline at all times.


1) Assault, Fighting, Shouting, whistling, using un-parliamentary language in rooms, corridors, common room, hostel precincts etc.

2) Not wearing or improper wearing of college uniform i.e. tie not properly worn, shoes /belle not polished, wearing shoes / belle other than black, Uniform not properly pressed.

3) Causing damage to fitments in rooms / corridors / toilets / common room / class room / laboratories / any where in campus.

4) Showing disregard to rules, regulations, notices, displayed / promulgated from time to time.

5) Bunking class.

6) Talking to executives / CSMIT faculty with hands in the pocket / hands crossed over chest.

7) Moving out of campus during college time without proper permission.

8) Not attending classes as per laid down weekly time table.

9) Not paying college fees / charges by specified time.

10) Sitting or roaming in the corridors of any academic building without permission after 4 p.m.

11) Possession of mobile phone in classroom, lecture halls, computer center, Library etc.

12) Not attending classes despite being medically fit, without proper permission.

13) Smoking, drinking, chewing -spiting pan /pan masala or bringing any of these items inside the college.

14) Pasting newspaper / any other paper on glass window or walls of room or at any other place.

15) Throwing waste paper / rubbish / polythene bags in corridors / lawn area.

16) Making or pasting sketch / drawing of any kind in rooms, corridors, desks / tables drawing boards black board’s doors walls in any building without proper permission.

17) Making or disfiguring / tearing any photo / picture in news paper, magazines / or books in library.

18) Not attending in time or being absent from the meeting / special lecturer /program organized by CSMIT as specified through notice or through verbal instructions.

19) Using mobile to disturb others through call, SMS, MMS, playing music etc

20) Calling and addressing a meeting of students anywhere in campus without proper authorization.

21) Masquerading or Calling any outsider inside the campus / Hostel without proper permission.

22) Found jumping over the boundary wall of the college shall be dealt with severely.

23) Unprofessional behavior / Ambiguous Indiscrete Behavior

24) Any other action considered immoral.

25) Unlawful assembly, gathering to disrupt academic activities including teaching, examination and other academic activities.

26) Discrediting the university by spreading rumors through distorted facts.

27) Instead of using Counselor-Head-Principal to resolve issues, using print, electronic and other media will be treated as indiscipline.

The following clauses are desirable courtesy for personal conduct:
1) Wishing faculty/ executive / staff.
2) Having proper hair cut once a month (for boys only)
3) Shaving regularly (for boys only)
4) Walk smartly in CSMIT campus / outside campus to ensure the identity of being a CSMIT.
5) Polished shoes / bellies.
6) Taking leave with proper permission of counselor / HOD.
In case a student is found involved in breaching the code of conduct, appropriate action will be taken against him/her.