Cultural Club: 

Cultural Clubs promotes the Creative side of the students by organizing various events such as dance competitions music competitions, dumb charades, fashion shows etc.

The cultural club is one of the most famous clubs of the CSMIT campus, where the students enjoy the colorful environment and participate full heartily & cheer out their lungs

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Personality Development Club: 

Nothing is developed if personality is not developed. Personality is no doubt one’s personal identity. As the institute is providing future teachers so it is mandatory that they should act smart because “People notice how do we walk and how do we talk.”

We CSMIT take great care of personality since first semester so that by the end of semester along with their degree they develop themselves to be called a multidimensional personality.



Sports Club: 

The sports club of sports events in the college life can’t be underestimated. So, the Sports club has facility of all games and sports including cricket, volleyball, football, basketball etc.

The students are trained under professional coaches for all the sports events held in the campus.



Yoga Club: 

The art of living based upon the ancient philosophy of yoga which is the root of the Indian Culture. “YOGA” which means addition of the human soul to the super power. This gives us spiritual and mental satisfaction.

The Yoga club activity teaches the art of Yoga to its member for their physical and mental well being.

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Roboclub is a co-curricular program in colleges, where the members apply their theoretical knowledge and build robots to solve real-world problems. The main aims of this club is Encouraging students to think innovatively and introduce them to the field of Robotics, Groom the students with the fundamentals of robotics through workshops and all the recent Industrial Projects, Motivate students to work together, organize and participate in various intra and inter college events.

Robotics Club


Science Club:

The Science club conducted numerous activities throughout the session to nurture the talents of the young Engineers.  The students showed their interest by actively participating in the various quiz competition, models, charts conducted by the Science club.

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